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Welcome to the Poke Store! Empty Welcome to the Poke Store!

Post  Nurse Joy on Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:57 pm

Welcome to the Poke Store here you can buy items and trade items with friends. Just look at the list of items fill out the forum and I'll be right with you.
Item List
Potion: 5 pokecoins
Super Potion:10 pokecoins
Pokeball: 5 pokecoins
Masteball: 50 poke coins
Ultraball:100 pokecoins
Waterstone: 50 pokecoins
Sunstone: 50 pokecoins
Berries:out of stock.
Chesnuts:1 poke coin
Egg: 300,000 poke coins

To buy an item
Item needed:
Nurse Joy
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